Sunday, December 11, 2011

Debate Doodles

Well lets see if my artistic eye helps differentiate these "characters.  The sketch above was from last might's on ABC 12/10.  I forget when the one below was but obviously some months before - when Cain livened up the proceedings with his "999".

I honestly have no preference to the ABO (anyone but Obama or"Romney alternatives"), so guess I'll try to decide who might be most fun to draw - if any actually gets in.  I must say Cain was the most interesting face in the crowd - kinda had a 'black Teddy Roosevelt' look about him (in my sketch anyway). 

Newter, though smart, looked "dopey" before.  Now he just looks plain evil - like a silver haired Michael Moore... yeesh!. Santorum looks like a nice guy but more of a "milktoast" than a dynamic POTUS type.  Perry has a chiseled face that would be good to sculpt - but not much to say about any attributes inside that statue head.   Romney, Huntzman - YAWN.   Ron Paul?  I could have fun cartooning him.

That leaves Bachmann.  Always seems like a nice attractive lady - and I certainly like drawing that type.  But then again, thats really no fun - not having a president to poke merciless fun at.    I'm sure there would be no shortage of cartoonists who'd be glad to pick up that gauntlet if needed. 

OK, your turn.  Thats what the comments are for.  Let 'em rip!  ps: I know the captures are bad - its too hard to scan those big 14x17 sketchpads.

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Anonymous said...

I like your idea on choosing a president. Have fun. wags...quess who.