Friday, November 30, 2012

Two If By Tea Winning Video!

Well OK, second place... but hey, that's what Romney got, right?  After the election, I lowered my expectations but was thrilled when getting the notification email.  Animating was fun, like the last time - though maybe not as complex. The idea was inspired by Rush Limbaugh's own words, quoted here:
Don't forget Shakespeare: "Brevity is the soul of wit." Any artist will tell you that what makes his work great is what you take out of it when you think there's no more you can take out of it. It's the continued editing.Don't be daunted by the 60-seconds. Sixty seconds is plenty of time. In fact, the more you say and the more punch you put in it, the more punch it'll have in 60 seconds. 
Immediately I thought of the classic Hawaiian Punch ad and figured a creative way to meet the contest requirements' while sending Obama soaring (so to speak). Honestly I wasn't 100% inspired with the idea, until Romney's commanding performance in the first debate.  It re-energized me to press on, determined to meet the deadline (with help from friends)
As far as lessons learned, I'd condense it down to one word: "FORWARD" (yes the President's slogan). By that I mean, stay FOCUSED on the overall goal and don't get bogged down in minutia. For example: I abandoned many small ideas like having jets sky write the message at the end.

Rush continues...

We can't guarantee that you won't be arrested by the government for what you produce, though. We would like to be able to guarantee that you won't be arrested.But given what happened to the video guy out in California, I can't guarantee it. (laughing) So remember: You're producing your own video here at your own risk. (laughing) Can you just see it: A Two If By Tea, You've Been Limbaugh'd video being blamed for something by Obama? We're not gonna be responsible for any violence that your video causes. We're not gonna apologize, either. If your video that you've produced for You've Been Limbaugh'd for Two If By Tea causes violence, you are swimming alone!  - Rush Limbaugh
No Cartoon Presidents were harmed in the making of this video :)
BTW:  here's my post-election edit::