Sunday, December 03, 2006

Young and Cute ...

... versus wrinkled and fun.

This fall I had the pleasure of drawing at the Mannington Senior Center and was able to bask in the glory of great elderly faces. Not only the wrinkles were fun to explore, but the stories the oldsters told... the short snippets of life experience they shared were what made it much more than a mere drawing assignment.

People often comment how I'm able to draw the young "cutsie" faces with such ease - and they are fun as well - but sometimes just that - more easy than fun... non challenging. At the senior center I noticed the contrast and effect of drawing seasoned adults and how quickly I peaked and "hit the wall" becoming noticably fatigued - compared to the marathon sessions at festivals when I've been able to draw toddlers for countless hours on end.

So I must conclude that it's either drawing those extra lines and wrinkles that can tire me out... or is it the extra fun I have drawing them? On the other hand, there is something to be said for drawing a variety of ethnic faces... but that's another post.

Pictured are cute kids at the Mountain State Forest Festival and a sketch of the legendary Paul Long from WTAE.