Tuesday, March 24, 2009

CartoonSteve site FINALLY revived!

After a DECADE* of neglect, I've decided to make some changes to my web site. Its not quite what I ultimately want to do but its a start. Soon there will be more cartoon and animation samples, including an interactive area where viewers can watch cartoons and documentaries and chat/talk/view... even draw and watch my webcam live for impromptu collaborations and quick drawing demos. I may do a regular scheduled "cartoon talk" video podcast. New exciting projects are in the works.

OK and now for the first hint on my upcoming top secret animation project...
No its not 3D or claymation (though that sounds fun). More hints to come! Oh, by the way, below is one more look at my original site (before) sniff... kinda hate to see it go.

*I estimate that I first built the site sometime in the mid 90s. Back then I could only connect via text based telnet dialup, typing the html manually. I would scan the artwork on college lab computers and save to disc. Those were the days.

Reminds me of the hardship era of danger and peril - the exhausting chore involved in getting type set in the dark ages. Big film drums... giant floppy discs... hot wax... rubber cement... xacto knives! Ahhhhhhh!

Ok I'll calm down.