Saturday, November 08, 2008

The Making of NObama
To commemorate the new President, I present my home made halloween mask (scariest one I could think up). The idea was to produce a big Mardi Gras - style head (in the quickest method possible). I made it using the following ingredients:

1 sheet of 22" x 30" watercolor paper
1 quart of water
3 cups of flour (approximately)
acrylic paints (red/brown, purple, white, black)
12" dowel
duct tape
3-4 sheets of 8x10 black felt or fleece
hot glue gun and glue
1 can of Mod Podge

Boil the water, add flour and stir to the consistency of cream. Lay paper flat in a bin or tub and pour on hot flour water. Soak for 1 hour while searching for a mold. Ask yourself what kind of objects can be combined to make up the persona of the head (of state). Heres what I came up with for Obama: basketball, trash can and toilet brush holder. Perfect !

Duct tape the mold objects together and wrap the soggy sheet over them. Blowing with a fan shortens the drying time to 2 hours or less. Once dry, draw some features in pencil.

After cutting out the eyes and ears, trimming the back edge of the face, paint on the large flesh tones and smaller details. When it all dries, hot glue the hair on top/back and brush on a coat of Mod Podge (to help stiffen the mask). Taping a dowel on the back, keeps the ears from flopping. This should all take about 3 hours or so. Optionally you may use face paint or brown chalk to match hand flesh tone if needed. (what a mess).

Here we see NObama posing with Sarah Palin. Now thats a ticket!

Obama/Palin 2112!