Sunday, September 14, 2008

I Met Ralph Stanley!

Dr. Ralph Stanley
, that is, performed at the Sagebrush Roundup at Bunners Ridge, WV (nearby) - a lively secluded place - only 7 miles from the interstate. Yep, even got the autograph!

Best known recently for his Grammy winning performance on "Oh Brother Where Art Thou".

Ralph played his banjo and did TWO sets - even taking requests while interacting with the audience. Also making up The Clinch Mountain Boys is his son Ralph II and grandson Nathan. The Matheneys, 38 Special and The Sagebrush Band did an excellent job between sets.

Lemeul from Moon and Stars Studio got some great photos and despite the dim lights, I was able to do my thing too...

Drawing 81yr old Stanley made me think of my Grandad, who I sketched live in '95. He didn't play the banjo, but loved gospel and was full of life ... quite a character.
"Grandaddy" Exel Bartlett