Saturday, March 02, 2002

Pluto and The Big Cartoon Database.

When I was 5 years old, Pluto was my favorite cartoon character. This memory came to me last Saturday when I took the neighbor kids to see Snow Dogs. We heard they were showing a classic Pluto short before Peter Pan, so we decided to sneak over and watch Pluto's Fledgeling. It was the first time since I was little that I had seen a Disney short on the big screen.

A few years back, the cable channel Toon Disney debuted. Wow, 24 hours of classic shorts and features, right? Wrong. To catch any, you have to be up at 6am or midnight and watch Quack Attack - a half hour containing 3 shorts - surrounded by hours of their standard programming: Pepper Ann, Care Bears, Doug.. uugh! (However Teacher's Pet is funny and worth watching at 4 and 10pm).

Back to the classics: I decided to do a google search on one of the Pluto shorts and came across this site: The Big Cartoon Database complete with director, voice talent and animator credits. It makes you wonder how many of the old timers are still alive.

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